If my phone could talk…

So I was talking to my friend about how much time I spend on my phone and told him I feel kinda bad for it… I mean I know I shouldn’t have too much of screen time but… I also know how much I learn from it, I know how much I create on it, I know how much I enjoy it!

So he just randomly asked me about what would my phone tell me if it could talk?

Hmmm… Interesting question!

I thought and actually I came up with so many things!

He expected a one line answer, I texted him a paragraph!

I would like to share that here –

If my phone could talk, it would say –


I like that you always keep me on silent so I don’t need to buzz when someone calls.. but I kinda feel bad for you when you get scolded from your friends for not receiving the call😆

When you start talking with your best friends… You just don’t stop! I have to entertain your boring gossip and uncontrollable laughs for hours! Literally 2 hours or more.. Aren’t you going to meet them tomorrow anyway?😒

You need to charge me more often😒 I mean… Don’t you get tired of telling your friends you have low battery? I mean look at their phones, mostly charged… And here I am.. don’t even get enough food😥

I have to play so many songs for you these days! Can’t you get a music player or something? You even drop me at times while singing and dancing…🙄

My memory is filled with your selfies.. can’t you just enjoy the moment in your memory and gimme break for a minute?

I am overflowing with screenshots.. I mean why the hell do you screenshot so much? Do you even read it after taking screenshot? Never! And then you complain.. why does my memory get so full?!😏

I have at least 5 apps you never ever use… Do you meditate? Nope! Do you track your exercise? Never! Do you ever read from that app? LolDo you use the app that you installed just because your friend told you so?…. Then what are those doing in your phone? Feeding your ego?!

Sometimes you use me to learn about business and psychology from YouTube, and take down notes that you will never read after that day…

You can practically chat for hours at night… Should I tell them the conversations you have??…..

So! This was the fun write-up where I imagined what would happen if my phone could talk…

Actually I’m so glad it can’t talk.. coz I’m pretty sure it would blackmail me if it could talk, as it knows most of my secrets! :p

What would your phone say to you if it could talk?😂

Share in the comments below!

49 thoughts on “If my phone could talk…

  1. You’re phone is not that rude tbh. If my phone could talk, he’d say “Kutrya bass kar aata, kamala laag” ( You lazy dog, stop now and get to work) 😂😂

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  2. oh this is not a paragraph…this is something like my blog post 🙂 the phone doesn’t say it to me…my little 6 year kid says these exact things almost verbatim all the time…seriously! because i deny him his favourite youtube and games… (LOL)… because kids these days are much smarter and they want “smart” phones all the time…in one way i deny him this privilege though… 🙂

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    1. Yeah I think unless we know how to limit the use of something that thing shouldn’t be given.. but sometimes when you give the phone.. it becomes hard to limit usage.. as in my case😂
      I never thought I could be this much on phone but here I am..😅

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    1. Yeah… Mostly bloggers don’t use that much of emojies.. but I guess this write-up deserved it!😂
      Thanks a lot for your support Lavanya! Always nice to hear from you ❤😊


  3. Vru, your phone is so intelligent! What brand is it? ..and do you think our phones will have something to talk about when they meet?
    Mine calls itself a ‘smart phone’… clearly he hasn’t met your phone as yet. So when do our phones meet?

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  4. My phone would say only one thing,
    “stop obsessing over things you have no way of attaining right now, live in the present please”

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