One of the best interviews

I heard about Najwa Zebian through Instagram.

She wrote beautiful, meaningful and deep poems. And I liked that. You guys might’ve heard about her books ‘Nectar of pain’ and ‘Mind platter’

But that’s not it!

She is wonderful!!! She’s beyond that.

I just saw her interview and… I’m speechless…

Go check it out to understand what I mean –

I loved the way she talks about relationships and how to fulfill your need of love and basically accepting that you need love and that’s okay.

She also talked about the harsh experiences she went through and how bravely she faced it.

She also gave a wonderful definition of self love…

I mean… You guys gotta check out her video!!! (Thank me later! Haha..)

Here’s the link once again

P.S – The concept of Gaslight! Woah! I mean I could totally relate to that but I never thought it had a name….

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