Note to self – 2 (Appreciation of little things)

Cute good morning texts..

Bunking lectures for watching movies…

Laughing at silly jokes during class…

I remember missing those little things my friend used to do for me when she left the city for higher education.

I realise these little things really matter a lot.

It is when you loose them, you start missing them.

We need to ask ourselves –

Am I taking anything for granted?

Look around… You’re life might be more beautiful than you think…

Here’s something you can tell yourself –

Dear me,

I realise there are so many happy memories in my life. Not something grand like – winning some competition, or being on a vacation abroad.

But little moments of care and connection. Moments of laughter and joy. Moments of grief and support.

This is something I will remember and cherish for lifetime.

I am making a point to appreciate people’s kind gestures more. And spend more time with them enjoying little moments.

I am blessed for everything I have. I will cherish this feeling of having everything I need.

Stay blessed!



30 thoughts on “Note to self – 2 (Appreciation of little things)

    1. Awww😍😍😍…. Ramyani this means a lot!!! This compliment to someone who’s entering the therapy and psychology field… Means the world to them!❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words dear, you’re so sweet!💖


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