3 days later

Hello friends!!

Last Sunday I posted about a positive psychology exercise called ‘The Three Things’

I am trying it for this week and I’ll be sharing how I did it and what I did and whether or not it was helpful.

So I’ve done it for three days and here’s the list I made –

Monday –

1. My mom dad hugged me.

It means they love me.

They hugged me because I helped them.

I will try to make more time for them and help them whenever they need me.

2. I had good food.

It means I was in a good mood for the whole day! 😛

3. I read my favourite novel.

I am glad I bought the novel and I am happy I can make time for such little joys.

I need to bring more of such wonderful novels and read them.


1. I met my best friend

We had a great time together. I’m happy when I’m with her.

2. I watched a good movie with my best friend.

It’s been a while since I watched such wonderful movie.

3. I listened peaceful music at night and had a good sleep.

It feels good. May be I should try it often.


1. I talked with my friend after a long time.

It felt so good to catch up with her. I am happy I have her in my life.

2. When I felt low today and I listened some Disney songs and felt good instantly.

They were amazing! I should search more of such songs and try listening to them especially when I am in a bad mood.

So these were the good things I experienced in these three days and how I did the Three Things exercise.

I am not actually feeling elated, but counting your blessings everyday is definitely a nice feeling. I even noticed small things that are working for me. For eg – I realised I sleep well when I hear peaceful music. These things are so small, it’s easy to neglect them. But doing this exercise made me notice them and the impact they have on me. This exercise also encourages you to do more of such things in future.

In a nutshell, I like it and it works well.

8 thoughts on “3 days later

      1. Same here. I found the science behind this in postive psychology and I’m really passionate about it. It helps me improve myself every day and hopefully help others in their journey as well! It’s nice talking to you. Appreciate your support!!

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